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How long will it take to prepare and ship my order?


It depends on the shipping method you choose and the recipient's country.


Triangular shipping

Triangle Shipping is the safest way because it helps the customer to avoid customs fees as much as possible. Total preparation and shipping time is usually about 9-19 days. This is because we need to ship your package from China to a MIDDLE country first, and then your package will be delivered from that MIDDLE country to your country.

Direct shipping

Direct Shipping (Direct Shipping) is very fast, especially for shipping to the United States, but it takes much longer in terms of preparation. The disadvantage of direct shipping is that customers are likely to pay customs duties, especially for shipping to European countries, Canada and Mexico. If customers care very much about this, please do not choose this shipping method.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

It depends on which shipping method you choose. If you choose Triangle Shipping, customs duties are rare. If you choose Direct Shipping, customs fees usually apply (except when shipping to the United States).

What happens if my package is seized by customs?

If the shipping company informs you that they need information about the package, please contact us first. We will provide you with the necessary information to proceed with the package. If customs seizes the package in your country, they usually want you to pay the tax. Please pay this. If the customs staff says your package has already been destroyed, don't worry, they still want to charge you. If this really happens, we will offer you a 50% discount code and you can buy again. We will recreate the QC video for you and send it via PostNL. If customs seizes the package at our end, we will refund the customer in full or send a new product.